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The Beginning

June is Pride Month and the Blue Water Allies' goal is to open the Blue Water Ally Center for programming and social events by Blue Water Pride on June 25th. Follow along here as we share our journey from concept to reality. We will post updates on the preparations to open the Ally Center, event dates and volunteer opportunities. There will also be updates on our Facebook page. Please be patient as we work to create a safe and welcoming environment. 

May 2023

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Keys to the Ally Center

Working in partnership with the Blue Water Allies is the Community Foundation of St. Clair County and Kramer Reality. Blue Water Allies secured a lease of fantastic space in downtown Port Huron. This location has a perfect combination of meeting and social areas, outdoor green space and even a commercial kitchen! The Ally Center location is within walking distance of other downtown Port Huron businesses, the YMCA of the Blue Water Area, restaurants, SC4, and the Blue Water Riverwalk.

May 26-28

Clean Up

BWA board members and volunteers started the process of cleaning up the new space. Decades of use as a restaurant means lots of grease. Volunteers Noah, Laura and Ashur tackled the kitchen space. Barbara spruced up the lawn and entrance area. Geof replaced all the light bulbs with energy efficient LED bulbs. Ren and MJ cleaned the restaurant tables and chairs and helped move them out of the main space.


June 1st


Happy Pride Month!

The Blue Water Allies are officially in residence! The Blue Water Ally Center is located at 1519 Military St. in Port Huron! We held our first board meeting in the space followed by our Pride Planning Committee meeting. We are hard at work organizing our initial programming and social events. You will know we are in house when the flag is flying!

June 9th

Making Headlines

"To feel safe enough to have the freedom to express yourself is something that I don't think the LGBTQ community takes for granted because it's not guaranteed.  It really speaks to the importance of having a safe space where you can go in and know you'll be surrounded by community members and allies."

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