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Youth & Teen Services

The Blue Water Ally Center is a safe space for LGBTQIA+ youth and teens to grow, explore, and form a dynamic community. Through fun activities, supportive groups and age specific events, we provide an opportunity for connection.

Clubs and School Organizations

Image by Katie Gerrard

Calling all GSA and GLAAD members! Do you need a place to meet outside of school hours? Do you want to connect with other clubs or learn how to form one at your school? Are you looking to connect with national organizations or participate in state or national events? The BWAC is here to provide a safe meeting space and resources for your club.

Connect to Resources

Youth Club Meeting

LGBTQIA+ safe services for counseling, healthcare, education and housing are available. At the BWAC we can help you find resources and connect you to services in our area. 

Youth Programs


The BWAC will offer age specific programming for LGBTQIA+ kids and families in a fun, affirming space.

Social Activities


Grab a coffee and some friends and come down to the BWAC. What sounds like fun to you?  Catan, crafts, coloring & conversation? D&D, doodling, dance & some DoorDash? Start a book club or a watch party. Organize a gathering for your friends at BWAC or check the calendar for events that interest you . YOU are welcome here!

Mentoring and Tutoring

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Connecting with other people who have experienced similar things as you can be empowering. Do you have experience to share? Could you benefit from talking with someone else who knows just what you're going through?  Help us develop a network of peer mentors at the BWAC. We're stronger together.

Healthy Relationships


Learn about healthy relationships, consent, sexual health and safety. The BWAC will bring expert allies to discuss relationship issues important to LGBTQIA+ teens. Resources for contraception, gender affirming care and STD screening are available.

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